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Desktop decisions made easy with Techscheme

Home & Tech’s year-round savings mean there’s never a bad time to buy. So, if you need to invest in a new computer at short notice, you can save money without having to wait for the sales.

There’s plenty to think about when choosing a desktop computer or monitor. If you’re a gamer, you’ll need a different spec to someone who uses their computer for internet browsing or documents.

Take a look at some of the options available for less via Home & Tech to help you figure out which could be right for you…

Which desktop will you choose?

There's so many to choose from...

All-in-one PCs

Get yourself a full PC that takes up no more room than a monitor. All-in-one PCs are slim, stylish and functional, making them ideal for smaller spaces. Some offer touchscreen technology, which can be a useful feature if you’re going to be sitting close to the screen.

Tower PCs

Larger but getting more compact all the time, tower PCs can house more powerful components. The extra space makes customising and upgrading really easy, whether you want to do it straight away or at a later date. A tower PC is a great choice for gaming, media editing, music production or design.

Gaming PCs

Powerful processors and dedicated graphics cards support the latest and most demanding games. You’ll be rewarded with better visuals and higher frame rates for truly immersive gameplay. The most powerful PCs even allow you to game in 4K if your monitor or TV supports it.


Apple’s famously elegant design and quality engineering is available in three main options. The Mac Mini brings the signature Apple aesthetic to a compact form factor with great power thanks to the M1 chip. The new iMac comes in beautiful colours, is powered by the M1 chip and it’s super thin, yet powerful. The Mac Pro is the giant of desktop engineering and features the greatest performance, expansion and configurability.


Look out for monitors using In-Plane Switching (IPS) or LED for consistent, accurate color. The viewing angles are also great for TV shows, films and photos. Curved screens create a more immersive viewing experience, while wall-mountable designs make the most of tight workspaces. The right screen makes a huge difference to your experience. And so does saving up to 8% via Home & Tech.

Computer accessories

Whilst most desktop computers will come with keyboards and a mouse, you may wish to upgrade. Choose between wireless or wired accessories based on whether you need the reliability of reduced input lag, or if you’re looking for a sleeker workspace. Ergonomic keyboard and mouse sets can make your experience more comfortable if you spend long periods of time gaming or working.

The choice is huge

Acer Aspire, Nitro, Predator Orion,  Revo, ConceptD, Alienware Aurora, Asus Chromebox, ROG Strix, Apple iMac, Mac Mini, Dell Inspiron, XPS, Gigabyte Brix, HP Envy, Omen, Pavilion, Lenovo IdeaCentre, LG, MSI Cubi, MAG Infinite S, PC Specialist Tornado, Vortex. Philips.


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