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Smart home technology

Pay monthly straight from your salary. No credit check. Better than finance.

Smart home technology

The smart way to afford smart home tech

Smart home technology puts you in control. You can use it to save money and energy, or even help keep your property safe and secure. Home & Tech makes investing in smart home tech more affordable, so you can get the benefits while spreading the cost.

If you want to make your home more energy-efficient, cheaper to run and a little bit more fun, Home & Tech can give you the smart features you want without blowing the budget. 

Pay monthly through salary sacrifice, save up to 8% and spread the cost on the full range of tech available at Currys. Control your smart home tech through apps on your phone, tablet or computer, or even using voice assistants like Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

Here are some of the ways you can upgrade your home setup for less with Home & Tech.

Which smart home tech will you choose?

There's so many to choose from...

Smart Lightning

Wondering if you left a light on at home? Use your smart lighting app to check and switch off any unwanted illuminations. Go a step further when you upgrade to lighting that uses motion sensors to make sure your lights will only ever be on when you need them. And how about dimming the lights for movie night, using only your voice?

Smart doorbells, security cameras & CCTVs

Get an alert on your phone if your smart security tech detects loud noises, unusual movement or a window being opened. Access a live stream of what’s happening at home so you can always see for yourself. Speak to your delivery driver over video to check your parcel is left exactly where you want it.

Smart smoke alarms

While all smoke alarms help keep you safe, smart alarms come with extra features to give you more information and peace of mind. If there’s a problem or your alarm’s battery is running low, you can get a notification on your phone, for example. Some smart alarms will even explain what’s wrong out loud!

Smart speakers

Whether your live in a Google, Amazon or Apple household, you’ll find the perfect smart speaker to fit with the rest of your music ecosystem. Listen to live radio or your favourite playlists, check train timetables and weather updates. Some models will even read the kids a bedtime story. All without you touching a single button. The really smart bit? Saving up to 8% all year round with Home & Tech.

Smart plugs

An affordable hack to make any appliance instantly ‘smart,’ these plugs connect to your WiFi directly or via an app to put you in control from wherever you are. Some also monitor energy use to give you insight into which appliances are the most energy-intensive and costly to run

Smart heating

Come back to a home with the perfect temperature every time with remote access heating controls. Get tech that intelligently adjusts your heating schedule so you only use the energy you need. And you can always turn the dial up or down for an instant adjustment when the British weather throws an unexpected curveball.

The choice is huge

Amazon Echo. Apple HomePod. Arlo. Energenie. Eve. Fossil. Google Chalk, Charcoal, Nest. Hama. Hive Hub. Homeguard. Ledvance. Lenovo. Lightwave. Nexus. Philips Hue. Nanoleaf. Netatmo. Facebook Portal. Osram. Ring. Sage. Tado. Teknik. TCP. TP-Link. Vivanco. Yale.


Four simple steps

Four simple steps to get your must have tech.

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