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Smartphones on Home & Tech

Smartphones through Home & Tech? Good call.

For a great deal on new smartphones all year round, look no further than Home & Tech. With even the latest models available with year-round savings, find out how your dream phone could be more affordable than you think.

If you’re working out your budget for a new phone deal and find yourself wishing it could stretch just that little bit further, Home & Tech can help. By setting up interest-free salary sacrifice payments through your employer, we can save you money and spread the cost.

Whether you’re after the latest smartphone technology or simply want a budget-friendly phone for calls and messages, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Currys. And Home & Tech can make it yours for less.

Don’t get stuck paying more than you need. Ring the changes with Home & Tech and get your dream handset for up to 8% less than the advertised price.

Which smartphone will you choose?

There's so many to choose from...


The latest Apple iPhone finds itself at the top of many people’s wishlists. Alongside the top-end models, you’ll find more affordable options that offer the signature style and usability for less of an investment. For phones that really have it all going on, the iPhone Pro models boast the latest camera technology.


Samsung Galaxy is the world’s leading Android brand and has earned itself many loyal fans. Through Home & Tech, you can save on everything from entry-level Galaxy handsets to the latest top-spec super smartphones. Choose the style and colour that suits you.

Google Pixel

Google Pixel phones are built the Google way, so they get updated sooner than any other Android smartphones. They come preloaded with all the Google apps that you love. They help you to take studio-like photos anywhere, in any light. Google Assistant helps you to send texts, control your apps and more.


Colourful styling, cutting-edge tech and affordable prices are at the heart of the Motorola phone range. Through Home & Tech, you can save on some of the most nostalgia-inducing models on the market.


The Chinese brand has released some impressive handsets to rival Apple and Samsung in recent years. If you’re after a high-spec phone at a competitive price, Huawei could be the brand for you.

Phone accessories

Find a phone case that offers robust protection without compromising on style or ease of use. Wireless chargers and portable power banks are great options to get you and your phone through a long day. And the right headphones can complete your ideal phone setup. As always, they’re cheaper with Home & Tech.

The choice is huge

Alcatel. Apple iPhone. Doro. Google Pixel. Motorola Edge, Moto E, Moto G, Razr. Nokia. Oppo A, Find, Reno. Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy A, Galaxy Z


Four simple steps

Four simple steps to get your must have tech.

Find the products you want

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Apply for your chosen budget

Login to Home & Tech and apply

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Enjoy your new products

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