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Pay monthly straight from your salary. No credit check. Better than finance.

Smart home technology on Home & Tech

Picture-perfect TVs from Home & Tech

Time to upgrade your picture quality? Or need to replace broken screen? Tune in to Home & Tech’s year-round savings to make the latest TV technology more affordable.

From discreet models to show-stopping centrepieces for your home cinema experience, you’ll find the perfect TV in the Currys range of leading brands.

When you buy through salary sacrifice, the money comes out of your pre-tax salary, reducing how much National Insurance you pay. Monthly instalments are taken automatically so you spread the cost hassle-free, as well as paying less overall.

That all means you can afford a TV that immerses you in the action. Catch every crystal-clear detail of sports coverage, wildlife documentaries or family-friendly animations, wherever you’re watching from.

 With Home & Tech, you can enjoy the view and the price.

Which TV will you choose?

There's so many to choose from...

4K Ultra HD TVs

These screens have a resolution with four times the pixel count of a Full HD equivalent. Lots of streaming services are already using this technology, so investing in a 4K TV can help you enjoy your streamed content at its best. Enjoy all those pixels for less when you buy through Home & Tech.


Thanks to individually controlled pixels, OLED TVs offer intense, uniform colour. The wider viewing angle means even the person stuck in the corner won’t have to worry about getting a distorted picture. Every OLED TV in the Currys range is also a smart TV. Plus, the technology is kinder on your eyes thanks to lower levels of blue light than some alternatives.


Available in 4K and 8K screen resolutions, QLED models focus on vibrant colours and bright images. They’re great at minimising glare or reflection so are ideal if you’ll be watching in a bright room. Saving up to 8% and spreading the cost? That’s a truly bright idea.

8K TVs

The most immersive viewing experience available, 8K technology creates the clearest picture, packed full of detail and colour. Your sound will also get an upgrade, boosting the clarity and detail even if you aren’t watching in 8K. From nature documentaries to sport, 8K tech will make you feel like you’re there.

TV accessories

Your perfect TV deserves the perfect position. Home & Tech can save you money on extras like wall brackets and TV stands. Get a universal remote to control all your inputs and services from a single handset. Switch on lower prices for everything from aerials to high-speed cables through Home & Tech.

The choice is huge

Blaupunkt, JVC, Hisense, LG Nano, Logik, Panasonic, Philips Ambilight, 7Opus, Samsung QLED, Sharp, Sony Bravia, Tcl, Toshiba.


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